Phase EP (TEBR​​-​​004)

by Yoshihiro Hayashi

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"Phase EP" is the first solo artist release for Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings, and Hayashi's first EP. The warm mid-range, metallic percussions and building up using reverbs sound is the characteristic of his style from the past. This EP has organized as a sound that passes through Electro, such as down-tempo electro tracks and Machinary Juke track. It has become a work of his artistic aspect is reflected beautifully.

"Phase EP" は Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings 初のソロアーティスト作品であり、Yoshihiro Hayashi 自身としても初のEPとなる。豊かな中音域とキンキンと響くパーカッシブな金属音、リバーブを多用した展開などが、以前からの作風として特徴的だが、今作では全体的にひんやりとした空気の中に、無機質なビートが淡々と構築されていき、Electroを通過した音として、ダウンテンポなトラックや Machinary Juke とでも形容すべきトラックなどがコンセプチュアルな内容としてまとめられている。彼のアーティスティックな側面が見事に反映された作品となっている。







D.J.Fulltono (Booty tune)


After the publication of “Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol.3” compilation last month, Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings inaugurates a series of EPs from the collective members, introducing’s Yoshihiro Hayashi’s first solo artist release. The Japanese artist returns to the label with the “Phase EP”, delivering no less than 6 incredible tracks, ranging from SciFi downtempo to avant-gardist tonalities.

On the contrary of his previous contributions to TEBR, this time, Yoshihiro challenged experimental tracks, in Autechre, AFX or LFO vein, on what could be called a juke-footwork mini-album.

The digital pack kicks off with brilliant “Phase001”, a heading song made of harsh downtempo beat and tense industrial distortions over metallic sororities.

While “Phase002” turns into an electro curiosity based upon repetitive lyrics, delayed tones and sparse synth modulations, paranoid “Phase003” offers a powerful slaughter characterized by Speak’n’Spell voices, relentless drums, merciless 4/4 bassline and linear industrial noises, reminiscence of the Techno Scene. Ace!

Deep “Phase004” returns to downtempo landscapes, serving up a moody piece of Intelligent Dance Music where bleepy tones combine with clinical groove.

“Phase005” coming next accelerates the rhythm to introduce a crazy breakbeat exploration based upon frantic drums, catchy vocoder samples plus subtle bubbling oscillations, enhanced with lots of reverbs. Top notch!

Finally, destroyer “Phase006” concludes the EP on an aggressive note, fusing rough electro kick to crazy distorted voices. Not a track for the fainted hearts in my opinion.
Overall, this underground release offers enough style experimentations and diverse sounds to please a large crowd.

In four essential releases, TEBR has demonstrated that the land of the rising sun is definitively a country where electro artistic expression has its place! Awesome.

Nexus 6



released April 2, 2013

cat. no: TEBR-004
All Tracks Written and Produced by Yoshihiro Hayashi

Mastered by Yuta Suzuki

Jacket design by Yoshihiro Hayashi


all rights reserved


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